Organic Cotton Baby Socks 6 Pack

  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON: Certified to be free of chemicals and pesticides from seed to socks!
  • 73% Organic Cotton, 22% Nylon, 5% Spandex; Nylon and Spandex has been added to help socks hold their shape
  • DYE-FREE: No dyes are used in coloring these socks, only natural cotton shades (soft brown, soft green and off-white) are used as they come straight from Mother Nature!
  • COTTON-SOFT: Ultra-soft Organic Cotton is absorbent and lets baby toes breathe
  • GREAT BABY SHOWER GIFT: Babies go through lots of socks in a day, and parents will love these luxuriously comfortable socks for their little one!
  • Neutral Colors for baby boys and baby girls. 
  • SIZES 0-24 MONTHS: Available in 0-6M, 6-12M, and 12-24M sizes, so they always fit Baby perfectly!
  • Foot Length: 0-6M = 3.5", 6-12M = 3.9" , 12-24M = 4.5"
  • Each set comes with 6 pairs as shown in the picture.
  • Machine wash cold and tumble dry low

Do you look for all organic cotton when it comes to your little one’s clothing? Are you searching for the perfect gift for an upcoming baby shower?

When you want the very best for your little ones, you look for things like natural and organic fibers, and no added dyes. Niteo products have all those very important and wonderful features! Our cotton baby socks are certified organic cotton, and meet all standards by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) for pesticide, chemical, and dye-free products, from seeds to socks! The colors are natural, made from cotton fiber that is Earth-grown in shades of soft brown, soft green and off-white. The socks are designed in a variety of striped styles that are neutral to pair with many outfits in their baby-chic wardrobe! Organic cotton is ultra-soft, and absorbent and breathable, so little baby toes stay cool, comfortable and dry all day. Just enough nylon and spandex has been added to help socks hold their shape, without stretching through repeated machine washing and drying. The 6-packs are available in sizes 0-6M, 6-12M, and 12-24M, so Baby always has a perfect fit and toes have room to wiggle! If you’re shopping for a baby shower, you’re sure to delight the new Mom and Dad, and you’re giving Baby the very best!

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Size Chart - Baby

 Size  Age









  NB       Newborn              up to 21.5            up to 55             5-8     2.2-3.6                 
3M 0-3 Months 21.5 - 24 55-61 8-12.5 3.6-5.7
6M 3-6 Months 24 - 26.5 61-67 12.5-16.5 5.7-7.4
9M 6-9 Months 26.5 - 28.5 67-72 16.5-20.5 7.4-9.2
12M 9-12 Months 28.5 - 30.5 72-78 20.5- 24.5 9.2-11.1
18M 12-18 Months 30.5 - 32.5 78-83 24.5-27.5 11.1-12.4
24M 18-24 Months 32.5 - 34 83-88 27.5-30 12.4-13.6